• It wasn’t my first time working with kitchens. But it opened my eyes to an uncomfortable reality. While my two-year stint as a construction manager in Liverpool was immensely rewarding, it was also disheartening. The more I delved into the business, the more I was inexorably hit with two clear conclusions.
  • 1. Quality kitchens cost. A lot
  • 2. Cheap kitchens didn’t last long, making them expensive in the long run
  • In addition to that, I was disappointed to discover that many of the so called ‘premium’ suppliers viewed their ambitiously priced kitchens more like good-looking furniture, with little or no consideration for the heavy usage and robust treatment a kitchen inevitably endures. I had just purchased a starter home and required a sturdy, beautiful kitchen;
    I felt stuck...




  • What started as a quest for the best suppliers, fitters and materials for my own kitchen ultimately ended up being much more; it became a mission statement.
  • From its inception, Orb quickly distinguished itself as the kitchen manufacturer that cares. We care about quality, about beautiful kitchens…and the people who live in them. I guess we feel we make the world a nicer place, one kitchen at a time.


  • We build our kitchens from scratch. That means we get to carefully select every single component we use to ensure superb quality control and lasting good looks. That’s because we’re passionate about our work and would never do anything to compromise it.
    See it in every Orb kitchen.